Sunday, December 5, 2010

of physics and Apollo

I never thought physics can be so beautiful. No, scratch the word thought, I’d rather replace it with realize. That’s better. Back in schooldays, I knew I have to excel in physics to pursue my dream in engineering even though my interest has been proven all along into something different. Accidentally, a few days ago I stumbled upon one video about Apollo 11 launching back in July 1969. About 49 years ago, I wasn’t even born on that momentous day. I clicked the play button, and waited. My jaw dropped while watching the video and I doubted it has been recovered since then. hehe. Anyways, that left me speechless for a brief moment.

Anybody who learn physics are aware of these;
1. momentum
2. velocity
3. time
4. mass
5. accuracy
6. precision
7. inertia

These are amongst the earliest (important) chapters in physics. These are the basic, even the calculation is not that complicated and I wonder if I ever truly understand all these concepts. I think I did hence the good result for physics in SPM, because I did apply all of these formulas during answering the questions. I kept the formula back in my head, which I could really enchant those in my sleep. However, did I ever apply these so-called basic concepts in physics into the practice of my daily life? Take the simplest one; time. Do I really take time I am bestowed upon wholeheartedly or I just take it for granted? Well, I knew my answer, hopefully so as you.

Knowledge brings us closer to our Creator is very true saying indeed, and one of the wisest saying I’ve encountered so far. These are all laid out in front of us and the answers are all there if we seek out for that. There are so many similarities on what we learnt in physics or chemistry which can also be applied in our daily life, not just on a piece of paper during exams and all be forgotten right after.

From these simple concepts of physics, human beings reached out to the moon. They built a rocket or space shuttle which is obviously heavy in mass but within approximately 3 minutes could go 90 KM up to the sky with the velocity speeding about 2862 m/s. All in THREE minutes or 180 SECONDS.There, momentum plays its role to defeat the inertia.

I believe there must be few jokes around or sneering could be all heard when the first respective person pointed out of his/her idea on this matter. Going to the moon, build the space shuttle; anything could happen and this team could not tolerate with a single tiny mistake. In this case, precision and accuracy are very much important. Yeah, we have to take risk but take the calculated ones. well, they made it. After almost 50 years, there are rockets or space shuttles launched to the beautiful blue skies in history.

This is a little about physics, a tiny portion on knowledge. Isn’t it practical? Very much, I’d say.
Hence, lets us all pray to Allah to ease the way so we can apply these concepts to be better each day. Amin.


azwa_amani said...

adeyyy..amani x minat fizik mase sekolah dulu...hehehe..sokmo tido dalam kelas.. :)

mR KimEy said...

hihi kenapa amani tido dlm kels???fizik best laaaa

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